What is a Dosha?

Ayurveda is a medical science, but in reality it's a lifestyle... The word 'ayur' means life and the word 'veda' means knowledge or science; so Ayurveda means life science.

The main foundations of ayurveda is that everyone is a combination of three body and mind types and these are known as doshas.

Ayurveda encourages us to live in harmony not only with ourselves and our environment, but gives us the knowledge and hence the understanding to live more compassionately with others......... ever had the feeling that someone was just moving way too slowly for you? Well hold back my Pitta friend and let the chilled out Kapha soul take their time. We can get a great deal of insight by looking into the balance of our doshas, which is unique to each of us.

Vata, Pitta and Kapha.........Once you figure out what your main dosha is, you can start to make minor lifestyle changes and see if that helps, as all of us search for a peaceful, harmonious life. Weight loss or gain, better quality of sleep, more vitality, less aches and pains are just a few of the benefits of having your doshas in balance.

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