How Is Your Hair Feeling?

How are you managing your hair??
Well if you are like most of us at present you may have noticed a change in the condition of your hair???

Oily roots....dryness/frizziness on midlengths and ends?

Mostly it comes down to the higher water temperature we use in our showers and the tendancy to overheat our bodies during the night to compensate for the drop in the ambient climate.

This is where professionally diagnosed salon treatments and quality home haircare show it's value.....

We may need to change our winter haircare wardrobe just as we do our skincare and clothes.

Yes, some people love their cold weather boots and others count down the days to get their sandals back on..... the same happens with our hair. Curly or straight, it depends on our hairs texture and lifestyle as to where we sit with the flow of the seasons.

Santosha Hair Spa at Manly is passionate about the quality of haircare; both in salon and for homecare prescription that we make available to our valued clients. So be it to soothe, smooth, nurture or repair we have your hair and scalp care needs covered.... from the renewal of an Indian Scalp Massage through to a Senscience deeply nourishing CPR treatment, we tailor all of our hair/scalp care treatments to your individual requirements.

Please don't hesitate to make any enquiries.....they are always welcome.

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