We are passionate about the condition of your scalp and hair
Specialised Scalp & Hair Treatments

Specialised Scalp & Hair Treatments

At Santosha hair spa we are seriously passionate about the condition of your scalp and hair.

Diet, hormonal & weather changes, over styling or chemically affected.........

Santosha hair spa has an extensive range of professional treatments that are sure to address your needs. So be it to soothe an irritated scalp or calm the hair frizzes, these treatments are not only an ideal way to help with your hair and scalp concerns but a wonderful way to relax.


CPR Conditioning Treatment

Senscience C.P.R. is a cuticle porosity reconstructive treatment for dry and damaged hair. The intensive two-step, in-salon restorative treatment repairs the cuticle porosity deficiencies by replenishing vital nutrients in hair. The hair treatment fortifies, moisturises, and protects hair with a blend of keratin, silk amino acids and Bio-Structurer©. Hair is left smooth and shiny.
  • Treatment
    $ 39.95

CPR Thermal Radiance Ritual

As above but with the added benefits of the use of a flat iron, this in conjunction with the C.P.R treatment increases the reparative performance since the thermal heat helps Senscience's exclusive Vitalock-6 Complex and additional proteins in the Porosity Equalizer penetrate and bond with the hair. This provides superior conditioning further sealing the cuticle and ultimately protecting the hair from breakage.
  • Treatment
    $ 85

Instant Soothing Ritual

As the name suggests this is a quicky hair nourishing treatment when a little help is needed but there isn't much time.
  • Treatment
    $ 18.50

Purity Renewal Treatment

This is a scalp specific treatment that starts with a stimulating brushing and the use of a scalp exfoliation cream.
  • Treatment
    $ 18.50


Using nano sized particles infused into your hair to hydrate, repair or add a high gloss.
  • Treatment
    $ 75

Aromatherapy Ritual

This is a deeply fragrant, lush hair & scalp ritual that uses the ancient principles of Ayurveda & Indian scalp massage.
  • Treatment
    $ 65

Luxury Blow Dry

Volume/colour lock
  • Treatment
    $ 9.95

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